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Access new contents and getting booty is your way of playing The division 2. for some chests and some things you meet, you need keys, such as cleaners and rikers that you can find during missions of Campaign or filling the checkpoints in the New York Warlords. There is a unique key that many players probably call ivory keys, and you must recover eight to unlock the special trunk.

HOW TO UNLOCK ALL 13 SECRET HUNTER MASK IN THE DIVISION 2 WARLORDS OF NEW YORK - TIPS AND TRICKS Ivory keys are a rare object that you can acquire in the Division 2. Unlike other faction keys, you must find them by eliminating the hunters. The hunters are the powerful NPCs you can find in the game, but they are hidden. For example, civic center hunters are convened by entering an automatic laundromat, following a special code on the wall of an apartment and interacting with specific corpses to invoke it.

After removing it, you receive unique masks related to these hunters and an ivory key. Previously, players had only one chance to get an ivory key of a hunter, which means you had to join the game of another player to pursue the hunters several times to give them a key. Now, among the hunters of the game, you should be able to receive the eight in your game.

When you have finished getting the eight ivory keys, you have to go back to the White House to find the large weapon container to use. This particular fund is on the right of the entrance. It is in the same small corner where you can change the physical appearance of your character, to the right of the seller and the master district. Approach yourself with the eight keys to open it and receive the Shield Splinterer, an F2000 assault rifle.

You want to go after these keys after finishing the main game. There are even more ivory keys available with new hunters added with the warlords of New York Expansion.

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